Rex Chapman, Mike Pratt to Expo Center: Ban racist items or remove our plaques


Former Kentucky stars Rex Chapman and Mike Pratt are taking a stand against racism, calling for the Kentucky Expo Center remove their Hall of Fame plaques from Freedom Hall after Nazi and KKK memorabilia were sold there at a gun show this past weekend.

The exhibition commemorated National Gun Day and featured authentic Nazi Christmas ornaments, Ku Klux Klan robes, Gestapo uniforms and swastika shirts, many of which were sold on Saturday, the same day as the anti-Semitic attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed eleven people. Last week, another hate crime hit close to home as a white man killed two African Americans at a Louisville Kroger after first trying to break into a predominantly African-American church.

Yesterday, Chapman issued the ultimatum on Twitter, asking Kentucky Venues, which oversees the center, to guarantee such items will not be on sale again. Pratt backed him up:

Kentucky Venues issued this response: