Today On KSR: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Tonight is the night for Trick or Treating (or last night was if you live in an area with rain in the forecast tonight) and the Bluegrass will be full of mini Bennys running around, like the one you see above. I’m trying to round up 15-20 people to be accessories for my Crowd Surfing Mark Stoops costume, but I only have one volunteer so far, so I might have to come up with a backup plan.

Whatever you are doing tonight, be safe and have a good time doing it. You can send us your UK-related costumes and we may do a recap of the best ones on the site.

In the meantime, we’ll keep talking Kentucky football because it’s an exciting time to be a Kentucky football fan.


Kentucky ranked No. 9 in College Football Playoff Rankings.

In this surreal college football world we’re living in, Kentucky is in contention for one of the four spots in the College Football Playoff. Crazy, I know. The first official set of rankings for the CFB Playoff came out Tuesday night and the committee ranked the Cats ninth on the list:

1. Alabama (8-0)
2. Clemson (8-0)
3. LSU (7-1)
4. Notre Dame (8-0)
5. Michigan (7-1)
6. Georgia (7-1)
7. Oklahoma (7-1)
8. Washington State (7-1)
9. Kentucky (7-1)
10. Ohio State (7-1)

If the postseason were tomorrow, your semifinals would be Alabama versus Notre Dame and LSU versus Clemson, but there is still a lot of football to be played and many of the contenders will drop another game. Kentucky will need to win out, including in the SEC Championship, if it wants to be among the final four in the end. It’s unlikely, but it’s a conversation to be had.

Vince Marrow said “the best is yet to come.”

When Big Dawg speaks, you better listen.

Kentucky’s ad campaign in Times Square cost $16,000.

UK Football is running three different 15-second ad spots on a very prominent and populated corner in New York City’s Times Square this week. The Cats get 15 seconds of every 80 seconds on the big screen, Guy Ramsey, UK director of strategic communications, told the Kentucky Kernel. The entire campaign cost the football program $16,000 from its marketing budget.

I think that’s a bargain.

WATCH: Kentucky Wildcats TV’s recap of the win at Mizzou.

Still can’t believe it happened.

We were all this grandfather and grandson.

This video of a grandfather and grandson reacting to C.J. Conrad’s game-winning catch represents all of us.

Still can’t believe it happened.

Can Kentucky beat Georgia?

Last night I read two of the weekly gambling newsletters/pick sheets I subscribe to and… get this… they BOTH HAD KENTUCKY BEATING GEORGIA. Not covering the spread against Georgia. BEATING GEORGIA. One of the two newsletters (Sports Reporter) has Kentucky beating Georgia by one point as one of its recommended plays for the week.

I’ll read some others when they come out later today.

No. 2 Kentucky plays No. 3/4 Duke in basketball in less than a week.

And Kentucky plays its second and final exhibition game Friday night.

But it’s football season in the Bluegrass, so we’ll talk about basketball some other time.