Month: July 2020

Jul 2020

Time to Hit the Road

Https://’s Campaign part 3. Ok, Things are looking good. We rescued Bob and his family. Now we just need to get back to base. The bad part. We are now surrounded by zombies. Even worse. Bob is one of them. Yep, he died. Sorry Bob!PDFThe post Time to Hit the Road appeared first on Zombicide […]

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Jul 2020

Muscle growth: Every time you work out

Who doesn’t love a summer smoothie. Not only are smoothies healthy and delicious, but they can be even healthier when adding some protein into your favorite smoothie recipe after your workouts. Many athletes and fitness gurus take part in post workout supplements but one of the best supplements can be found in the form a […]

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Jul 2020

The Central zone currently has 131 active cases of COVID-19

The M.D. of Wainwright is now up to five active COVID-19 cases according to Alberta Health Services. Two more cases were added to the count over the weekend, as the area’s third case was confirmed on Friday. Wainwright’s first case was reported way back on April 17 That case was soon listed as recovered, . […]