Benny Snell takes aim at Recruiting Camps and the NCAA in Wide-Ranging Interview

Benny Snell never hesitates to speak his mind.  That was the case when Kentucky’s star running back did sat down for an interview with Bleacher Report.

As Kentucky gains more and more national attention, we’re learning more and more about Snell and the rest of the Wildcats.  During a wide-ranging interview with the Bleacher Report, Snell shared his story, one we all know well.  While reliving his journey to stardom, a few new doors were opened for Snell to explore.

We all know that Benny was overlooked by Ohio State.  Some of his frustrations fall on the coaches, while he puts the rest on the shoulders of “recruiting analysts.”

“Why do they get to say who gets five stars and who gets three stars? That whole rating system at the camps, it’s like you’re put through a slave process. It’s like, ‘Who’s the best slave? He’s good at speed, well, then he gets a 5-star. He’s not? Well, you get a 3-star.’ They just line you up and put stars on your head, and that’s what you are. Nobody is putting a star on me. I’m a 10-star. You can’t put a rank on me. You can’t put a rank on love of the game.”

The other part of Snell’s story that has drawn national attention is an accessory, his mouthpiece.  Highlighted in a piece on College GameDay, his spinner mouthpiece has become a part of a signature look.  Benny has done an excellent job cultivating his brand without receiving any financial compensation for his efforts, while the mouthpiece company has profited.

“A ton of money. All of it off me. ESPN heard about my mouthpiece, so they were like, “Hey, get that, and we’ll get it on camera.” So I put it on and breathe through it, and it spins and makes the whoosh noise, and everyone loves it. Free advertising. It just doesn’t make sense. How can the NCAA not see that? You have to go buy your mouthpiece from the mouthpiece company, and then they sell more mouthpieces because you’re wearing their mouthpiece? And you don’t get a dime from that. Is that fair?”

If that mouthpiece would be a part of the Snell signature line, “It would be disgusting how much money I could make.”  Instead, Snell must refuse a free meal from Chick Fil-A purchased by a generous fan because of NCAA rules.

Benny Snell has always been outspoken, but this is a side of him we haven’t seen.  Kentucky’s star running back said he wants to be a rock star.  He’s performed well under the bright lights.  Now that he’s against the establishment, Snell is one step closer to reaching rock star status.

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