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Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Modbus (AN-125)

Products (199).
WND  Series  Wide-Range Modbus.
WattNode Pulse.
Multi-Circuit Meter (MCM) for Modbus®.
WattNode BACnet – Models.
WattNode Modbus –  Specifications .
WattNode BACnet Firmware Versions.
WattNode WND Module for Modbus.
WattNode BACnet – Firmware Upgrade with Tridium JACE.
WNC  Series  WattNode Modbus.
WattNode BACnet Manuals.
LCDA Power  Resolution .
WattNode Modbus – Option TTL.

View All 199   WND Modbus Firmware (1)
WND Series WattNode Modbus Firmware Versions

View All 1   WNB Pulse Firmware (1).
WattNode Pulse Firmware Versions.
View All 1   WattNode for LonWorks Firmware (5).
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware Versions.
LonWorks Firmware Upgrade.
WattNode for LonWorks Option B – Firmware Version 3.03.
WattNode for LonWorks Option BI – Firmware Version 3.13.

WattNode for LonWorks Firmware Upgrade using Niagara AX (AN-124)

View All 5   Manuals (10).
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware Upgrade using Niagara AX (AN-124).
Manual  Supplements .

Using WattNode BACnet Meters with PC Software

Tridium Niagara JAR File  Downloads .
LonWorks Device  Status  and Utilities (JACE).
nviTimeSet Not Updating with NiagaraAX on Wattnode for LonWorks.
WattNode for LonWorks Manuals.
Manual Supplement MS-17.
Lon SmartServer  Configuration .
Processing i.
LON SmartServer Log Data.
View All 10   WNC Modbus Firmware (1).

WNC Series WattNode Modbus Firmware Versions

View All 1   Socomec Modbus meter (3).
Diris A-30.
Diris A-10 with Modbus.
Diris A-20.
View All 3    Overview s & How To Guides (31).
Corner-Grounded Delta Circuits.

WattNode 3D and 3Y model differences (AN-128)

Fitting Multiple  Conductors  Through a CT.
CT Installation and Wiring.
WattNode Calibration.
CT Selection.

Estimating Power for Delta Circuits

Clear the WattNode Log.

Estimating Power for Wye Circuits

WattNode Testing with Step-Up Transformer.
What is the difference between 3D and 3Y WattNode meter models?.
Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Modbus (AN-125).

View All 31   Power and Energy Displays (2)

LCDB-E Energy Display.
LCDA Displays.
View All 2   Application Notes (14).
WattNode 3D and 3Y model differences (AN-128).
CT Installation and Wiring.
WattNode Calibration.
Estimating Power for Delta Circuits.
Estimating Power for Wye Circuits.
WattNode Modbus Six-Digit Register Addresses.

Installing WattNode LonWorks Resource Files and XIFs (AN-118)

Seisco Water Heater Analysis (AN-119).
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware Upgrade using Niagara AX (AN-124).
Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Modbus (AN-125).
Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Pulse (AN-126).
Using NiagaraAX JACE with WattNode for LonWorks (AN-127).
View All 14   Installations (2).
Installing WattNode LonWorks Resource Files and XIFs (AN-118).
CT Installation Safety.
View All 2   Frequently Asked Questions (9).
Does the WattNode Need Fuses.
Current Transformer FAQ.
WattNode BACnet FAQ.
WattNode FAQ.
WattNode Modbus FAQ.
Measuring 240 Vac Residential with One Current Transformer.
Monitoring Only One or Two of Three Phases.
Variable Speed Motor Drives.
WattNode LonWorks LCD Display.
View All 9   Techical Articles (28).
Power Factor.
RS-485 Polarity Labeling Conventions.
Paralleling Current Transformers.
ACTL-1250 Maximum Amps.
ACTL-0750 Internal Burden Resistance.
LonMaker LNS Browser Shows No Variables.

Simply Modbus – Monitoring Software

Creep Limit.
RS-485 Cables for BACnet and Modbus.
Common Modbus Protocol Misconceptions.
WattNode Modbus – Option TCP-RTU.
Single Phase 208–240 Vac Two-Wire Applications.
View All 28   Helpful Resources (4).
Electrical Service Types and Voltages.
Electrical Panel Schedule Forms.
Tools for WattNode Modbus Test and Development.
View All 4   Use Case Articles (4).
Using Web-based control systems to manage building utility usage.
Minimum Energy Machining.
Sub-Metering a Hotel for LEED Certification.

Power Metering with a DT80 Using WattNode Transducers

View All 4   LonWorks Plug-Ins, Network Software, and XIF Files (6).
LNS Plug-in and Tridium Niagara.
External Interface Files XIF.
LonMaker Software.
LNS Plug-in Versions.
LNS Plug-in for WattNode for LonWorks.
LNS Plug-in for WattNode Logger.
View All 6   Network Interface (2).
RS-485 Interfaces.
RS-485 Fiber Optic Links.
View All 2   Software by Others (6).
Complete Metering Solutions.
BACnet Software.
MV-90 Utility Meter Software.
TAC Vista Workstation Compatibility.
LonMaker Software.
Modbus Master Windows Software.
View All 6   Legacy Products (13).
WNA Series Pulse Output WattNode.
LCDA Power Resolution.
WNA Series WattNode for LonWorks.
WattLog for LonWorks.
CTS-0750 and CTS-1250 Series Current Transformers.
WNA WattNode Pulse – Pulses per Kilowatt-Hour.
CTL-1250 Series Current Transformers.
CTB Series Split-Core Current Transformers.
WNA Series WattNode Pulse – Watt-Hours per Pulse.
CTM Series Mini Split-Core Current Transformers.
WNA WattNode Pulse Scale Factors.
WNB Series WattNode Plus for LonWorks.
View All 13   Safety and Compliance (4).
WattNode Approvals and Certifications.
CT Installation Safety.
REACh / RoHS Compliance Declarations.
NEC NFPA Electrical Code Notes.
View All 4   Third Party Products and Services (9).
Modbus Master Hardware Overview.
Monitoring Solutions.
Pulse Output Cables.
Test Equipment.
Enclosures for Outdoor Use.
Medium and High Voltage CT and PT Vendors.
RS-485 Interfaces.
LonWorks FTT10 Cables.
RS-485 Fiber Optic Links.
View All 9                                          Contact Technical Support.
For help troubleshooting problems and technical questions, please send an email to Technical Support.
In addition to your contact information, please include the CCS part number(s) that you have and a description of the symptoms and issues.
For help in selecting part numbers for a job quote, please attach plans, specifications, and electrical drawings, if available.
For help selecting CTs, photos of conductors where CTs will be installed are helpful.
You can also click on the Submit a Ticket button below and fill out the form.
Submit a Ticket    Socomec Modbus meter.
WNB Pulse Firmware.
WNC Modbus Firmware.
WND Modbus Firmware.
Techical Articles.
Power and Energy Displays.
LonWorks Plug-Ins, Network Software, and XIF Files.
Use Case Articles.
WattNode for LonWorks Firmware.
Helpful Resources.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Application Notes.
Legacy Products.
Third Party Products and Services.
Software by Others.
Overviews & How To Guides.
Network Interface.
Safety and Compliance.


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