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IQBBA Business Analyst Certification

Expert & Advanced Level  certificate s require you to first complete the.
View the.
IQBBA Business Analyst  Certification .
Get a Job and  Build Your  Career as a Business Analyst.
Get the globally-recognized IQBBA Business Analyst Certification from ASTQB to get a job or a promotion writing, reviewing or maintaining  requirement s.
While excellent on its own, IQBBA is the ideal business analyst  certification  if you and your company are involved in any way with software testing.
That’s because ASTQB is also the U.
S. board for ISTQB certification,  the world ’s most popular software testing certification.
American companies check the ASTQB website to see if you are certified, .

Both for ISTQB as well as IQBBA

Together, IQBBA business analyst certification and ISTQB software testing certification can meet all of your individual and  company -wide certification needs with one convenient contact point, ASTQB.

IQBBA Certified  Business Analyst Syllabus/Body of Knowledge   PDF
IQBBA Certified  Business Analyst Sample Exam  PDF

40  questions   60 minutes.

Why We All Need Business Analysis Skills

As our industry continues to push toward iterative lifecycles, including Agile, doing good business analysis is no longer just the  responsibility  of the Business Analysts (BAs).
It’s now everyone’s responsibility to ensure we communicate effectively with the customer,  understand  what the customer needs, and translate that need into software that actually works.
While BA’s still need to be experts in what they do, the BA skills are needed by everyone on the project team, including Project Managers, Developers, Testers and Support people.
With the IQBBA Certification, you will learn:   How to effectively elicit requirements from users who may not actually know what they need.
How to sort the “needs” from the “wants” on time-critical projects.
How to document requirements in a readable, yet usable format.
How to reduce requirement maintenance time by using effective analysis techniques.
How to work effectively with the development team as they explore the requirements.
How to ensure that testing aligns with the original intention of the requirement.
How to help a set of users through the process of user acceptance testing.
These are skills we all need.
The more Agile your project is, the more you will need to leverage all these skills.
The days of the monolithic, unchanging requirements document furnished by the lone BA are fading.
It’s time everyone got involved and applied the best practices for making sure the product we make is the product the user wants.
Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Career and Your Company through Better Business Analysis.
If you are involved in analyzing business processes within an organization, modeling businesses and process improvement, IQBBA business analyst certification is designed to help you build your career and your company’s performance through excellence in business analysis.
Professionals with business analysis knowledge are in demand.
IQBBA business analyst certification can help you prove you have business analysis knowledge and give you a competitive advantage against other business analyst job candidates.
As an effective business analyst, you can help a company to reduce costs and build profit.
Are you considering a career move to a business analyst job and need to know more.
Business analysis is the set of tasks, knowledge, tools and techniques required to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems.
Business analysis, as a discipline, has a heavy overlap with requirements engineering, but focuses on identifying the changes to an organization that are required for it to achieve strategic goals.
These changes include changes to strategies, structures, policies, processes, and information systems.
Effective business analysis combined with innovation allows you to achieve competitive advantage and sets your company apart from others.
If you are ready to start or build your business analyst career, .

IQBBA certification can give you the advantage you need to succeed

Target Audience.
The Foundation level business analyst certification is suitable for business and system analysts, requirements engineers, product owners and product managers.
A basic experience in solution concept, design or development is required.
Learning Objectives.
The Foundation level business analyst certification forms a base for today’s key qualification in the business analysis field.
The acquired knowledge assures a proficiency in definitions and background about business processes modeling and improving, collecting and analyzing requirements, designing business solutions and working in the area of innovation.
The primary focus of the Foundation level business analyst certification is put on common rules and standards used in business analysis.
An additional topic is innovation and design as a major means of building competitive advantage.
If you are ready to do a great job as a business analyst, IQBBA business analyst certification is ready to help you build your career and your company.

Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Enterprise Analysis.

Business Analysis Process Planning

Requirements Elicitation.
Requirements Analysis.
Solution Validation.
Tools and Techniques.
Process Improvement.
Innovation, Design and Customer.

Current IQBBA Certified Business Analysts
See the IQBBA Certified Business Analysts that have been certified through ASTQB

Get Training.
If you wish to take a training course to prepare for the IQBBA Business Analyst certification exam, .

You should choose a course from an ASTQB Accredited Training Provider

Doing so ensures that the training course corresponds to the syllabus and gives you proper preparation for the exam.
Learn More.
The IQBBA certification exam is now available via our exam centers at a cost of $199. See the exam center registration information. Contact ASTQB Headquarters to learn more about taking the Certified Business Analyst Foundation Level exam.  Why Should You Get Business Analyst Certification?.
What is at the root of most failed software projects.
The development.
The testing.
Ask around and you will find that the most common answer is “the requirements”.
Does this mean that business analysts are incapable of writing good requirements.
If it were that simple, we could just do some quick requirement writing training and be done with it.
In reality, problems with requirements are myriad.
The problems generally start with a customer who doesn’t really know what they want (but they know what they don’t want when they see it!).
From there the problems just cascade – schedules are too tight, priorities are shifting, changes are made without the business analyst being consulted, the requirements are not clear enough for implementation….
IQBBA business analyst certification is designed to help address the problems with requirements gathering and implementation.
It takes a full lifecycle approach and explains the business analyst’s involvement throughout the project initiation, development, testing and deployment.
Even if you’re not a business analyst, you will find this information useful because everyone is affected by the requirements and the only way to have a good project is to have a good understanding of the requirements.
If you’re Agile, you still have the need to document requirements in stories, develop them through the iterations and track them.
It’s the same tasks, just with different tools and different levels of formality.
IQBBA is the perfect solution.

Take a look at the IQBBA business analyst certification

Learn more about good requirements practices.
While the requirements world will not transform magically overnight, implementing good practices can start now and those practices can evolve into a more complete requirements process.
After all, we all want good requirements don’t we.

IQBBA business analyst certification can help

IQBBA Business Analyst Certification.
See how the  leads to new skills and promotion.
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