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AMI FabricS is based on the proven

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AMI® FabricS™ Ethernet Fabric and Server SAN Management Firmware is a powerful firmware/software solution combining the complete functionality to support Server SAN.

Including Ethernet Fabric management and NVMe drive management

with that of a baseboard management controller (BMC).

The firmware component of AMI FabricS resides on the preexisting onboard BMC

along with extensions that enable completely secure, out-of- band (OOB) NVMe storage manageability, available right out of the box.
Its software component.

Called Ethernet Storage Manager (ESM)

runs on the server chipset.

AMI FabricS supports Intel® x86 and AMD platforms storage server architectures

In addition to the high degree of out-of-band NVMe storage management for discovering storage pools, creating namespaces.

Attaching/detaching NVMe storage volumes to remote compute nodes

a key aspect of AMI FabricS is its inclusion of NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) support to enable drive inventory and telemetry data support on the BMC OOB interface.
AMI FabricS is based on the proven, highly stable and industry-leading AMI Core  Technology .

AMI FabricS firmware provides a high level of modularity

with the ability to easily configure the complete firmware / software stack by selecting and deselecting features that are available in package form.

True Server SAN solution for commodity / white box storage hardware

Caters to hyperscale as well as hyperconverged  infrastructure  needs.
Supported servers: Intel® x86 and AMD  platforms .
Completely secure, .

Out-of-band (OOB) storage management
Runs on standard BMC hardware (including AST2500/AST2600)

Redfish™ and Intel® RSD (Storage/Fabric PSME)  support .
AMI® Composer™ Pod  Management  Software.

AMI Fabrics Ethernet Fabric & Server San Management Resources

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