2012 Artist: Marko Manriquez

> > > Art Hack Day Previous Next Art Hack Day Jan 26 2012- Jan 28 2012 Opening Hours: 7:00PM – 10:00PM Curated by 319 Scholes and Art Hack Day RSVP.
Art Hack Day is an event dedicated to cracking open the process of art making, with special reverence toward open-source technologies.
Between January 26-28, artists and collaborators will inhabit 319 Scholes to create and explore the participatory nature of technology, bringing together hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is technology.
The event will be streamed to online audiences, who will be encouraged to participate through various platforms to be listed on the website.
Visitors are invited to engage and interact with the projects online throughout the hack, as well as join the teams on Saturday night starting at 7:00pm for a closing exhibition, live performances, and a massive party.
Confirmed participants include: Slava Balasanov, Nick Barr, Paul Christophe, Hethre Contant, Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, Jonathan Dahan, Alex Ehlke, Aidan Feldman, Timothy Fitz, Matt Ganucheau, James George, Michael Grinich, Ashley Granata, Lara Grant, Sarah Grant, Adam Harvey, Ted Hayes, Mary Huang, David Huerta, Ekene Ijeoma, Nova Jiang, Jeremiah Johnson, Josh Keay, Quin Kennedy, Jonathan Kiritharan, Gene Kogan, Arkadiy Kukarkin, Leonhard Lass, Ezer Longinus, Marko Manriquez, Olof Mathe, David Mauro, Aaron Meyers, Kyle McDonald, Sean McIntyre, Eric Mika, moot, Alexander Porter, Casey Pugh, Reed and Rader, Toby Schachman, Justin Kerr Schekler, Marcel Schobel, Rob Spectre, Abe Stanway, David Stolarsky, Christopher Stuum, Olov Sundström, Jonathan Vingiano, Johannes Wagener, Eric Wahlforss, Theodore Watson, Conrad Whelan, Dan Wilcox, Jamie Wilkinson, Chris Woebken, Sofy Yuditskaya, Ashley Zelinskie, Andrey Zhukov, and Tamar Ziv.
Download press release Related Events Past Events Art Hack Day: live-streaming tour and interviews with participants Venue: Fri.
Jan 27, 2012 3:00 pm – Fri.
Jan 27, 2012 4:00 pm Join us for a click for more.
Featured Press Art Hack Day: “I’ve long suspected the art world has a great gift to add to the technology scene of the city.
Not just art actually, but myriad cultural forms and a huge creative class, increasingly adopting the tools of Tech for its own ends.
I can’t wait to see what happens as more artists, designers, architects, writers, fashionistas and filmmakers start writing code and hacking hardware.” – TechCrunch Art Hack Day: A Codification of Coolness: “So if the world of hacking is as alien to you as aliens that look like skrillex, the projects showcased on Art Hack Day are a neat way to begin familiarizing yourself with what open source technologies can achieve in the field of digital and experimental art.” – Technology in The Arts Scratch Markup Language (SML): “I’m pretty sure that this is where all digital culture schools, programs, and practices will be heading — thinking about how to encapsulate data that we might normally take for granted, creating solutions very quickly and inexpensively, making it insanely fun, opening it all up for the world to use, and fostering big imaginations.” – Broken City Lab on the ScratchML project Russian Roulette, The Video Game: “‘Kinect Russian Roulette’ is yet another example of the technology being pushed in a new and interesting manner, but not in a commercially available title.
So again, game makers have their work cut out for them.” – MSNBC IN-GAME on Theo Watson’s Kinect Russian Roulette Photos from the Art Hack Day show: “…the most entertaining art event I had been to in months” – Hyperallergic Art Hack Day is Tomorrow at 319 Scholes:  ”Every day should be Art Hack Day but tomorrow is at 319 Scholes” – Hyperallergic Art Hack Day: ‎”The public will be encouraged to stop trolling alone and party” – BOMB Magazine Art Hack Day on Gallery Guide: “guaranteed to show you the future five years before it happens” – ARTINFO F.
Art Hack Day: ”Internet, you are invited to attend” – F.
Lab Brooklyn Art Hackathon This Weekend: “[Art Hack Day] will be one of the first opportunities for New Yorkers to be able to see the new MakerBot Replicator live and in the flesh!” – Makerbot Art Hack Day in Brooklyn: “I’ve been looking forward to Art Hack Day for many months now” – MAKE magazine Related Publication Works (In Order of Appearance) Ecology Without Nature, 2012 Artist: Marko Manriquez.
Description: Living “moss graffiti” on the facade of 319 Scholes.
Made using laser cut stencils and a “moss milk shake” blend of moss, beer, water and water retention gel.
Keywords: multimedia, installation, text.
TronSpaceInternet Cowboy.

2012 Artist: Olof Mathé

Sofy Yuditskaya.
Description: duct tape, ethernet cords.
Keywords: performance.
GIF Booth.

2012 Artist: Ashley Zelinskie

Adam Harvey, Mary Huang.
Description: Photo booth that takes 10-second animated gifs and projects them onto the wall of the gallery and on the Big Screen Plaza jumbotron in midtown.
Keywords: animated gif, interactive, installation.
18,154 Consistent and Regular Views of NYC, .

2012 Artist: David Stolarsky

Description: 18,154 images of NYC pulled from Google Street View, arranged on a map to correspond to their location.
Skippable Rope.

2012 Artist: Conrad Whelan

Olof Mathé, Andrey Zhukov.
Description: iPhone app that uses the built-in accelerometer to simulate a jumprope between two iPhones.
Keywords: interactive, game, software.
Bastions of Electric Gods, .

2012 Artist: Sofy Yuditskaya

Description: Kinect scans of subject rendered in 3d by MakerBot.
Keywords: 3d, multimedia, sculpture, fabrication.
Bike-in Movie, .

2012 Artist: Jonathan Dahan

Description: Bicycle, LCD display, light sensor, LED light.
Keywords: interactive, multimedia, video, installation.
Counterfeit, .

2012 Artist: Joshua Keay

Description: Stamp, red ink, legal tender provided by viewer.
Keywords: interactive, multimedia.
Pizza Machine, .

2012 Artist: Reed & Rader

Description: One-button game installation.
Pushing the button feeds the character a slice of pizza.
Keywords: interactive, multimedia, game, installation.
One Hole Punch, 2012 Artist: Eric Mika, Tamar Ziv.
Description: iPhone camera app that collects circles that come into its view.
Keywords: interactive, photograph, software.
Jello City with Earthquake, .

2012 Artist: Hethre Contant

Description: Nikola Tesla oscillator (which he claimed “could destroy the Empire State Building with five ponds of air pressure”), jello cubes, and MakerBot-printed building model.
Keywords: multimedia, sculpture, installation.
Billy Joel Forever, .

2012 Artist: Gene Kogan

Description: ”Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel, translated into a 3d form and printed with MakerBot.
Haiku Wifi, 2012 Artist: Jonathan Dahan, Toby Schachman.
Description: Hacked commodity wifi router that creates a network for each haiku verse.
Keywords: interactive, net art, text.
Tootr, .

2012 Artist: Justin Kerr Scheckler

Description: Randomly generated tweets pulled from the Twittersphere centering on themes of sex, death, food, and money.
Keywords: net art, text.
Star Wars Uncut GIFs, .

2012 Artist: Casey Pugh

Description: Animated gifs sourced from the Star Wars Uncut project.
Keywords: animated gif.
Story Wheel, 2012 Artist: Johannes Wagener.
Description: Web-based service that allows users to put narration (recorded on SoundCloud) to a slideshow of their Instagram photos.
Keywords: interactive, sound, multimedia, net art, photograph.
Kinect Russian Roulette, 2012 Artist: Theodore Watson.
Description: Kinect.
Keywords: interactive, game.
SwimBrowser, 2012 Artist: David Stolarsky.
Description: Interactive installation in which users navigate websites using swimming gestures.
Powered by OpenNI and Kinect.
Keywords: interactive, projection, net art, installation.
Mesh4Life, 2012 Artist: Sean McIntyre.
Description: Wireless routers hacked to play Conway”s Game of Life.
Keywords: multimedia, game, installation.
Confined, 2012 Description: Two installations in two separate cubby holes; one sound installation, one video.
Both required viewers to stick their heads into a hole in the wall to view.
Keywords: sound, video, installation.
A Breath of Fresh Neon, 2012 Artist: Avery Max.
Description: Six neon tubes, alcohol gas sensor, Arduino, dim-able neon power transformers.
Keywords: interactive, multimedia, installation.
Robot Cowboy, 2012 Artist: Dan Wilcox.
Description: Performance demonstrating the alpha version of robotcowboy”s robotowboy 2.0 music system, which uses custom hardware, OpenFrameworks, libpd/ofxPD for sound, and ofxLua for visuals on an iPad.
Keywords: sound, live, multimedia, performance, music.
ScratchML, 2012 Artist: Kyle McDonald, Jamie Wilkinson.
Description: System for notation and transcription of turntablism.
Keywords: music, software.
Aliens That Look Like Skrillex, 2012 Artist: Nick Barr, Alex Ehlke, David Mauro, Timothy Fitz, Chris Poole.
Description: Arcade-style shooter game of player vs.
DJ where the DJ controls boss ship with ScratchML data translated from manipulation of turntable.
Twilio integration allows non-players to deal extra damage to the boss via text message.
Keywords: interactive, sound, projection, live, multimedia, game, software.
No Clipping, 2012 Artist: James George, Alexander Porter, Pearson Wallace-Hoyt.
Description: IR-scanned DSLR video of Art Hack participants at work, capable of subsequent manipulation of camera angles.
Keywords: 3d, projection, live, multimedia, video, software.
A Brooklyn Chorus, 2012 Artist: Rob Spectre.
Description: An SMS based visualization that separates the positive from the negative.
N30N SIGN, 2012 Artist: Marko Manriquez.
Description: A neon 319 Scholes sign printed using the laser cutter.
Keywords: fabrication.
LED Cube of Wonder, 2012 Artist: Ezer Longinus.
Description: Cube of LED lights that reacts to the viewer”s proximity.
Sphere of Water, 2012 Description: Mirrors, water, air pump.
Bot Zoo, 2012 Artist: Paul Christophe, David Huerta.
Description: 2-part installation: Bot Zoo, Christophe”s sound installation in the restroom that reads bot messages using text-to-speech in Python, and Bot Ranch, Huerta”s webpage of bot messages projected onto the Big Screen Plaza jumbotron in midtown.
Keywords: sound, net art, HTML.
Mirror Phase (Infinite Rainbow Abyss), 2012 Artist: Ted Hayes.
Description: Electromechanical arcade game consisting of an infinite tunnel with color-shifting horizon.
Keywords: multimedia, installation.
Balloons, 2012 Artist: Olov Sundström, Nova Jiang.
Description: DIY latex balloons made around 3d printed and laser-cut molds.
Keywords: multimedia, sculpture, fabrication.
Point, Line, Surface, 2012 Artist: Matt Ganucheau, Cullen Miller, Sofy Yuditskaya.
Description: Interactive multichannel audio/video installation invoking machines” perspective of the world.
Keywords: interactive, sound, projection, live, multimedia, video, installation.
Tactile Video Game, 2012 Artist: Lara Grant, Sarah Grant.
Description: A video game and controller are designed together in order to create a game where tactile movements directly correspond to what you see on the screen.
Keywords: interactive, game.
319 Scholes Street   Brooklyn, NY 11206.

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