Muscle growth: Every time you work out

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Who doesn’t love a summer smoothie.
Not only are smoothies healthy and delicious, but they can be even healthier when adding some protein into your favorite smoothie recipe after your workouts.

Many athletes and fitness gurus take part in post workout supplements

but one of the best supplements can be found in the form a delicious smoothie or shake.
To supercharge your post-workout smoothies, .

Take a look at our Top 10 protein supplements and 5 things to look for in protein powder

Helps Recovery: One of the main reasons many athletes take a protein smoothie post-workout is to help damaged muscles recover from their intense workouts.
The process of protein synthesis and repair is enhanced when the body has more protein post workout.
Weight management: For the most part, protein smoothies help curb and reduce hunger as shakes can be filling, thus making it easier to stick to an appropriate portion size.
After working out, your metabolism is already doing its job, and adding some protein can help improve your metabolism even more.
Muscle growth: Every time you work out, you are building muscle through the process of protein synthesis, and consuming a protein smoothie afterward can help enhance the process of muscle growth.
Through this process, the body is increasingly building muscle during and after your workout.  Improves nutrition: Did you know that the recommended average protein intake for adult women is 46 grams and 56 grams for men.
Protein smoothies are filled with many nutrients that your body needs and are great for those who take part in a vegan or vegetarian-based diet.

Improves energy: After a morning workout it’s normal to feel tired and fatigued

but having a protein smoothie after can replenish the depleted glycogen stores of the body, and give you enough energy to remain active later in the day.

After topping off energy stores

you are more likely to perform better in later workouts and your daily activities.

Benefits Immune system: Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins

and certain amino acids create the proteins needed to help the immune system function correctly.
Without proper nutrients, our bodies would be at greater risk for many types of illnesses and infections.
Improves bone health: Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle — so brittle that a fall or even mild stresses such as bending over or coughing can cause a fracture.
However, implementing a protein smoothie after your workouts can help prevent and minimize fractures and bone breaks due to increase in bone strength.

Improves sleep: Many people prefer to workout in the morning

but switching it up to an evening workout could be beneficial to your health.
Studies have shown that consuming protein after a late-night workout and before bed can increase muscle strength, size, and enhance sleep quality.

Improves performance: Whey protein powder has many benefits that can aid in performance

Such benefits include increased muscle strength and improving the muscle to fat ratio- which can be great for athletes who partake in both anaerobic sports like weight lifting and aerobic sports like swimming.
Reduce Inflammation: It’s typical to have chronic inflammation after taking part in an intense workout.
Although there are many supplements and remedies that can reduce inflammation, none of those remedies will taste good as a smoothie.
Studies have shown that dietary protein, specifically a plant-based one, can positively reduce inflammation.

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