NET and Javascript frameworks (Node, React

About us.
About us.
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Quick Facts.
2012 Year of Foundation 80+ Successful Projects 50+ Happy Clients Briefly about us.
Founded in 2012 Adexin provides full-cycle software development with a focus on web development utilizing C#.
NET and Javascript frameworks (Node, React, Angular, Vue).
In addition to web we are also well versed in mobile development for iOS and Android using native technologies as well as cross platform technologies such as Xamarin.
Whether we are building new custom software from scratch or joining an existing project, working independently or collaborating with your team we have the experience and tools to get the job done.

Our experience covers a wide range of industries including but not limited to: Sports

Logistics, Entertainment, E-commerce and Education.

Currently Adexin has its headquarter located in Philadelphia area

USA, a sales office located in Helsinki, Finland and a primary development office located in Minsk, Belarus.
Understanding and working towards our clients goals is our mission and main focus.
Mission Our Mission is reflective of what we do each and every day: meet the goals of our clients.
We are passionate about making an impact on our client’s business by providing the best custom software solutions along with the best support along the way until your final goal is reached.
Core value Our core value is to make sure that our clients can recognize the value of trusting us with their business.
We are passionate about what we do and accountable for our client’s success.
Understanding and working towards our client’s goals is our mission and main focus.
Best Stacks Here is our best technology stacks behind successful Web and Mobile projects: , NodeJS, Angular, , iOS, Android and.
Some of our heroes.
Dima Andrey Alex George Why
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Our happy clients.

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