Tensile and Universal Testing Machines


Technical Teaching Equipment for Engineering

TecQuipment is the leading provider of high quality educational equipment for engineering disciplines.
The company’s laboratory products are used by students and educators across the world, in over 1500 establishments in more than 100 countries.
Download the TecQuipment Brochure TecQuipment Video Library Aerodynamics.
Subsonic Wind Tunnels.

Subsonic Wind Tunnel Experiment Models

Subsonic Wind Tunnel Instruments and Accessories

Special Purpose Wind Tunnels.
Supersonic Nozzle.
Supersonic Wind Tunnels.
Control Engineering.
Control Engineering Principles.
MATLAB®/Simulink® Control.
Digital Control.
Process Control.
Engineering Science.
Engineering Science Work Panel.

Engineering Science Experiment Kits

Engineering Science Full Set.

Engineering Science Support Equipment and Ancillaries

Fluid Mechanics.
Hydraulic Benches.
Flow and Pressure Management.
Pipe Friction and Low Energy Loss.
Laminar and Turbulent Flow.
Nozzles, Jets, Vortices and Cavitation.
Flow Visualization.
Pipe Surge and Water Hammer.
Open Channel Flow.
Hydrostatistics and Properties of Fluids.
Pumps and Turbines.
Modular Fluid Power (Pumps, Turbines and Compressors).

Materials Testing and Properties

Basic Elastic Properties.
Stress and Strain Analysis.
Tortion Testing.
Fatigue Testing.
Creep Testing.
Tensile and Universal Testing Machines.
Impact Testing.
Test Specimens.
Free-Standing Structures Experiments.
Statistics Fundamentals.

Statistics Fundamentals Work Panel

Statistics Fundamentals Experiments

Structures Support Equipment and Ancillaries.
Structures Software.
Experiment Modules.
Theory of Machines.

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Thermodynamics Principles.
Heat Transfer.
Temperature and Humidity.

Internal Combustion Engine Test Sets

Gas Turbines.
TecQuipment Products.
Bench-Top Heat Exchanger Unit.
Digital Hydraulic Bench.
Free and Forced Convection.
Bench-top Heat Exchangers Service Module.
Small Engine Test Set.
Structures Software.
Bending Moments in a Portal Frame.
Pin-Jointed Frameworks.
Bending Moments in a Beam.
Equilibrium of a Rigid Body.
Suspension Cable Demonstration.
Statics Work Panel.
Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector.
Focusing Solar Energy Collector.
Photovoltaic Cells.
Beam Apparatus.

Bench Top Tensile Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine (30 Nm)

Cam Analysis Machine.
Geared Systems.
Free and Forced Vibrations.
Hydrology and Rainfall Apparatus.
Five-Metre Flow Channel.
Engineering Science Full Set.
Tensile Tester Kit.
Flow Process Training System.
Process Trainer.
PLC Process.
Intermittent Supersonic Wind Tunnel.
Subsonic Wind Tunnel.
Nozzle Flow Apparatus.
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