There is good replay value with Save The Frog – Frog vs

Save The Frog – Frog vs Fly.
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Gameplay – 7/10.
Replay Value – 6/10.
6.7/10 ( votes) Sending Save The Frog – Frog vs.
Fly offers a unique challenge, but while the graphics seem more suited for children , the game play might be a little too difficult for them.
The graphics are appealing enough, with a good color palette, and lily pads that look like cartoon lily pads, and frogs that look like frogs.
There is some pixilation with the start up screen, and with ads covering parts of the screen, but for the most part the graphics are likable.
The game play is unique and challenging , but perhaps too much so too quickly for what seems to be a target audience of children.
The first level allows players to stay on a un-sinking starter pad  to gain their bearing, but that handicap is taken away at the start of the following level as the starting lily pad immediately begins to sink.
Perhaps with better pacing the game could ease players into the game play, but as is it’s sink or swim.
Beating a level feels good, but should players lose at anytime, they must restart at level 1.
The unlockable frogs are simply re-colors of the original green frog that can be purchased for fireflies in the frog store that are collected in game.
The problem is that players don’t know what the unlocked frog looks like until after purchasing and there are no refunds.
Another problem with this is that players seem to be able to only unlock one frog at a time.
So even if they spend 250 firefly on a skin, then purchased a 20 fireflies skin they couldn’t play with the 250 firefly skin without unlocking it again.
Still, the biggest issue with the game is that it frequently crashes, often leading players to lose their progress and unlocked frogs.
The ads only pop up every few games, but again lead to crashes at times.
There is good replay value with Save The Frog – Frog vs.
Fly as there are newly added achievements and unlockable frogs, as well as a healthy amount of challenge involved, but having to start over from level one each time can grow to be a deterrent for continued play, especially for children.
The unlock system with the frogs could also use some work.
Overall, Save The Frog – Frog vs.
Fly can be fun, and can certainly be difficult to master, but the audience it targets is uncertain.
With some tweaks to the unlock system, and to the overall pacing, the game could be great.
Challenging Gameplay.

Unlockable Frogs Hidden Until Purchase

Fast Pacing From Level 1.
You love playing frog games or maybe just love frogs.
If you answered yes then jump in and save the frog. Save the frog and test your reflexes in this fast, free and addictive tap game.
In the addictive game Save the Frog you control where the frog jumps by tapping on the lily pad you want your frog to jump to.
You have to be fast and tap for frog to jump before the lily pad disappears.
Tap, tap and tap again to save the frog.
This is the first frog in history that doesn’t like water, so don’t tap the water and don’t tap on disappearing pad. We will answer emails [email protected] try us any time! How to Play: Tap your frog all the way to orange lily pad to complete a level to save the frog. Don’t tap diagonally or frog drowns and this time it’s game over. Make frog eat flies and bugs to increase your score. Download new addictive game Save the Frog now for free.
12 Frogs to unlock!.
19 Achievements !.

Download Save The Frog – Frog vs Fly

Download QR-Code Frog Hero Optimum IT

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